BPLA Students Explore STEM Outside of the Classroom

BPLA Field Trip Governor's Schoo

The Bettis Preparatory Leadership Academy (BPLA) has had a great start to the 2021-2022 school year. One of the successful accomplishments was leveling up by adding the eighth grade to the schools’ roster. The eighth-graders have been flowing in along with several other grade-level students. There has been a pleasant increase of students to the BPLA roster.  

With all the new happenings at BPLA, a couple of the latest events included a recent field trip to the SC Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe, which followed the academy’s first Saturday, STEM Day also known as ‘STEMulation Day’. Both events enabled students to step out of their normal classroom environment to adapt to new ways of learning.  

30 BPLA middle school students attended a one-day session at SC Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe. The SC Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe is a public high school that provides hands-on training in agriculture.  The governor’s school also educates its students about agribusiness, land management, forestry, food science, and more.  BPLA students were informed about the utilization of science, technology, engineering, and math in the field of horticulture and agricultural mechanics. 

In addition to learning about the effects of horticulture and agricultural mechanics, students also received information about admission.  Students learned that they become eligible to attend the SC Governor’s School in grade 10. The field trip was very enlightening to the BPLA students; students had a blast!  Fun fact: the SC Governor’s School and BPLA both had excellent enrollment growth during the 2021-2022 school year. 

The event prior to the governor’s school field trip was held on the BPLA campus, 1st Saturday STEM Day. STEM Day was designed to provide additional fun, educational activities, and resources to engage BPLA students and help strengthen their interest in the field of STEM. 

Students were enthused to participate in STEMulation day, as it included several exciting and engaging stem-based activities.  All activities that were exhibited included tools to increase the students’ knowledge about STEM and to expand their thinking skills. Students were able to examine interesting STEM-related objects and projects. 

STEMulation Day is another innovative style introduced to the students to enhance their early STEM-related learning opportunities.  The team at BPLA understands the value of STEM education, especially starting at the elementary level. 

The academy has a calendar of events lined up for students, on and off-campus, to provide additional learning components to their normal learning routine. The next STEM Day will be announced shortly. 

BPLA is a tuition-free public charter school, and the team is committed to serving as its motto states "Discovering Tomorrow's Leaders Today”.  

For additional BPLA activities and events, follow them on Facebook at Bettis Prep Leadership Academy and on the academy’s website at www.BettisPrep.org.  For enrollment information, visit www. BettisPrep.org or call 803-663-7266. 


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