Grandparents Day 2022 at BPLA

Grandparents Day at BPLA

The administration and cafeteria staff scheduled the morning event for grandparents and their grandchildren. Grandparents were invited to the academy to spend time with their children, converse with some of the BPLA team, and have a nice meal. BPLA honors grandparents every year by taking the time to schedule a fun-filled event. BPLA understands that several grandparents serve as guardians to their grandchildren or assist with their grandchildren's daily educational path. BPLA wants to honor and show appreciation to them by creating a memorable moment centered around all grandparents. For more information about activities and events at BPLA, visit the website at or the BPLA Facebook page.


Click here to view more photos of our Grandparents Day event.

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